Við vinnum fyrir þig

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Do you want to learn Icelandic but can’t go to a course ? Or do you want to learn online ??


Many of you would like to learn Icelandic language but don’t have the time take a course or don’t have the money.

Here is something that you can study until you can go to a course.

On this website you can find some ways to learn Icelandic.


Take a look at this – telvevisionshows

You can find it in many languages.


And here is something you can do

Here is with sound

You need a flash player for some of this.


Some of this is in Icelandic and maybe you can find someone to help you understand the documents that are in Icelandic.


But if you are a member of the union you can get back 75% of the cost of the Icelandic course.

Here is a list of schools that have Icelandic courses

Here you can find dictionary



And you can always google translate some of this


And here is an online course

For further information:


You can find some of this above here…. and many other interesting sites