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Walk into the outpatient rehabilitation section of MedicPress hospital to experience a full range of occupational and physical therapy services using specialized expertise in the modern environment with state-of-the-art equipment. The entire core of the services focuses on one person as an individual and moving heaven and earth to help him fight his unique circumstances and challenges and emerge a winner with our complete support.

The clinic specializes not only in occupational, speech and physical therapy but also in specialty services like work injury program, neuro rehabilitation, orthopedic therapy, lymphedema services etc. We also boast of specific physical therapy services for women with pelvic floor dysfunction along with incontinence.

The highly skilled team of experts goes through case on an individual basis and then builds up a therapy plan tailored specifically to meet his needs and ensure maximum recovery in the shortest possible time. We continuously monitor and record progress and are flexible enough to change for the better midway.

The clinic also has a specialized corner offering varied assessment and evaluation services, be it with communication, swallowing difficulties, memory issues or any other complex reasoning issues. Our staff goes out of the way to help you schedule your first appointment and help you get through all paperwork and other nitty-gritties.

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